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Que Será, Será

23 Jan

It’s a new year and definitely a fresh start- and I mean that in a very non cliche way. Everything in my life has made a 180 degree turn and although it’s not what I had in mind 6 months ago, it turned out to be a lot better, which just comes to show you that planning…well it’s just silly. I’ve learned not to be scared of change even if it may somehow be linked to loneliness. From my understanding there are about 6,895,200,000 people in the world, so the word “lonely” shouldn’t even exist. Who are we to determine what’s best for us when we don’t even know. There are so many things to be said and done today, who has time to think about tomorrow? So this coming from an ex-avid planner, just let whatever happens, happen- Que Será, Será.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (that’s an understatement, we’ve been friends since elementary school) did a pretty random, spur the moment shoot. From what I remember, Lauren must have taken over 1,000 pictures that day, but between my awkward smiling, squinting eyes, and bursts of laughter, we ended up with just a few pictures that exceeded my expectations.


Thanks for always being such a good friend, I hope I never lose you because I’m pretty sure I’ll lose a majority of myself along with you! You’re extremely talented and only great things await you.


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BTW, I’m wearing a Zara floral dress, Steve Madden combat boots, Etsy ring, and Target sweater.



Better late than never

23 Jan

Best dressed in my opinion…